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Southport, Florida Smokehouse

Sausage on Rack in Smokehouse

Wild Gamers Smokehouse creates premium specialty sausages from scratch using the finest ingredients sourced from private farms throughout the Southeast United States.

Venison is one of the most delicious, yet hard-to-get proteins in Florida because wild deer cannot be hunted and processed for commercial use. This made Nick Murphy sad because he's the sausage king of the Southeast and loves his deer sausage. So he went to work and spent months researching a solution, which brings us to his pride and joy: Southern Sausage Company. Using farm-raised, legally-sourced venison provides the finest meat that is readily sustained and allows us to create a quality commercial product so we all can enjoy the scrumptious full flavor of specialty smoked sausages.

It's as good as good gets and we're located right here in the back yard of Panama City, Florida.

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Wild Gamers Smokehouse 2126 Highway 2321 Panama City, Florida, FL 32409

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